Look at all the poppies, rotten and forgotten

Burning meadows, no one in the gallows

Highways of fumes, smokestack corporations

Big fat bellies and skinny corpses generations

Glued retinas to false screens and credit worshipers

 Numb , dumb, a revolution to be born



Look at the whales, fed and dead

Plastic oceans, faces lack emotions

Politics of absurd, truth blindfolded

Are all news lies yet to be unfolded?

Fidgeting feet, legs, fingers, bodies and minds

Numb, dumb, a revolution to come 



Look at all the genres, tattered and battered

Discriminatory contemplation, under false oration

Minorities beaten, quieten, stepped and set aside

Waiting for a word, hoping for a hand, a guide

A march begins, the streets aren’t in solitude anymore

Numb, dumb, a revolution as one



Look at all the lucky ones, here and there

Who have the knowledge, the will, the power

To ignite freedom, to crack old customs

To raise up awareness

To erect a new foundation, salvation



No more numb,

No more dumb,


A revolution to end