The Place To Be

Altes Umspannwerk Steglitz – Birkbuschstraße 40-44 . 12167 Berlin

An Introduction in conceptual chronology

Turbine Hall

This doesn’t look like utopia to you? Right. The Turbine Hall is heavy. Majestic, but brutal, enormous and powerful. This is the place where you find audiovisuals, performances, installations and sound, questioning nowadays’ structures, reflecting on society, digging into environmemtal and social grievances, motivating to rethink ones perspective.

The Turbine Hall gives room for the first step on our way of reaching utopia: Awareness of where we stand now.  

Outside Area

The partially industrial, partially natural environment on the site is giving us space to practice future. In between education and offers of a new kind of being (with each other), you will experience participatory performances, interactive installations, workshops and our slow food area. Get ready to leave your habits behind – we dared to prepare some unusual offers here.

The outside area harbours the second step on the way of reaching utopia: We practice future. 

The Temple

The majestic and almost sacred atmosphere of this building gives room for completed utopian conditions. Here we are in our utopian future now. You will experience performance and installations, acoustic interventions, hidden spots and save zones, wide space to let yourself flow and most important: various participatory formats. Here we go hand in hand and create a new sphere of taking action and interaction.

This is the final step on our way of reaching utopia. Be ready to realize your impact. Be open for being part of creating a new reality.