Blind Music Date

Acoustic Intervention

by Thomas Prestin & Ensemble

Thomas Prestin initiates a musical vision of utopia. First two artists will enter the performance, without having ever met, nor played together. They will not see each other. It’s about corresponding with their impulsive language. Exactly like thhis only working in this moment, curious to find common grounds to communicate with each other. After that bigger groups of artists will enter the “Cathedral” to maybe find a utopian federal language of music, which pushes a strong and calm pulse in our world.

about Thomas Prestin

It started 1987 at the age of 6 with piano lessons. But after 6 years he switched to saxophone, more or less by accident. From that point the focus was absolutely more on playing in bands. Improvising and spontaniously interacting in different projects became more and more important when he started studying Jazz-Saxophon in Weimar (2005-2012). The melting pot of tremendous talented musicians and also well skilled teachers was pure inspiration.

Constant member of „BudZillus“ (oriental-swing-punk) since 2010, acting worldwide.
Also permanently in Berlin from 2010 on, building projects, being part of bigger or smaller ones, for example:
Bantunagojeje, Lion O. King, Gimpelakwa, Cindy Sizer, modestX, DZBL, Nous Om’s, Tanga Elktra, The Omniversal Earkestra, Feindrehstar, Jo.Ke And The Love Bruise, HUGIN Trio.