Material & Sound Performance

by Cali Kühner & Claudio Puntin

Inside now is my every space.

Sound and foil used as vehicle to externalize insights to unfold and fall apart.

Isolated, bizarre, beautiful and lost. A shelter among alienated relations.

A common experience in process.

A dialogue of dialogues creating emotional landscapes of material, movement and sound.

CALI and CLA energize each other and inspire transitory spaces in attentiveness and resonance.

Cali Kühner   Materialdance
Caroline Kühner, born 1987 in Berlin, studied musicology, media science and art history at Humboldt-University Berlin and later contemporary puppetry at drama school “Ernst Busch”. Parallel she visited Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin as a guest student for three years. Artistically she is enthusiastic for the in-between and its emergence. Continuously re-searching a genuine interdisciplinary language, nourished by the approaches of expressions in dance, acting, object and material theatre and voice as phenomenon. Singing, speaking, sounding – the exploration and perception of the body soaked by vibration and its presents runs like a golden thread through her work. With her diploma she developed a somatic practice to the performative encounter of material, voice and movement. Influenced by the voice practice of Ulrike Sowodniok and Johanna Peine and current fascia research by Guimberteau she is exploring the phonetic bandwidth of the voice via intuitive, reflex and movement based approaches.
Claudio Puntin   Clariscapes

music performer, clarinet soloist, composer, producer, goldsmith

Claudio Puntin is a musical inventor who decides at the moment how to generate music out of emptiness. From his big variety of musical roots, he has developed a personal musical language with natural access, including electronica, alternative techniques and self invented instruments. His compositions and productions include works for alternative ensembles, symphonic orchestras, choirs, electronics, soundtracks for radioplays, films, theater and other art forms.

Claudio Puntin is considered one of the leading creative soloists on all clarinets, his solo performances are examples of instant composing and musical freedom.  He runs a music-creation space and recording studio in Berlin. His most important teacher was master Sergiu Celibidache.

With his ensembles he has performed at worldwide festivals in over 80 countries. With Max Loderbauer and Samuel Rohrer he founded the electro-acoustic Trio AMBIQ. In his electronic and acoustic solo work he relates to the simultaneousness of one and the infinity of possibilities, close to quantum physical superpositions. This music is creating individual possibilities of listening by rhythmical overlapping of patterns and molecules, showing we are in fact individual and at the same time all connected, mathematics orders are just a small graticule of nature.

His discography consists releases with: Arjunamusic, ECM, Jazzhaus, Deutsche Grammophon Lit., Jazzwerkstatt, Unit, enja, Act a.m.o. labels.

He taught 15 years at the Musikhochschule in Cologne, the University of Arts in Berlin and gives international Masterclasses.

Collaborations with:

Skuli Sverrisson, Fred Frith, Hermeto Pascoal, Maria Schneider, Carla Bley, Steve Swallow, Ricardo Villalobos, Jan Bang, Sidsel Endresen, Steve Reich, Wolfert Brederode, Eric Vloeimans, Nils Wogram, Bernhard Meyer, Lucas Niggli, Steffen Schorn, Emiliana Torrini, The Minnesota Orchestra, Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Ensemble Modern, Musikfabrik Cologne, Cologne WDR Radio Orchestra, Holland Symphony Orchestra, Bayerischer Rundfunk Symphony Orchestra Munich,  Het Balletorkest Tonhalle Orchestra Zürich, Amsterdam, WDR- NDR- HR Big Band, Lucerne Jazz Orchestra, Martin Fondse Orchestra, Chamber Ensembles and Stringquartets, Novoflot Opera Company, Theaters and alternative Performance-Companies.

He set to music artists-works by Anselm Kiefer, Orhan Pamuk, Daniel Kehlmann, Alba G. Corral, Rike Scheffler a.m.o.

Calis Fotos Credit : Joern Hausner  –  Claudios Foto Credit : Grzegorz Gołębiowski FOTOGRAFIE