by Beatrix Joyce & Michela Filzi

Nahara is The New World we have all been waiting for. As the Earth’s surface decays and AI advances at a pace quicker than imagined, the planet Mercury is dismantled for raw materials and an artificial biosphere is born. Suspended in the cosmos several lightyears away in the not-so-distant future, Nahara is our ticket to survival. Selected candidates are preparing their bodies, their senses and their minds to venture into outer space and herald the intergalactic era. Which training program will you choose?

Text & performance: Beatrix Joyce (UK/NL)

Performance collaborator: Michela Filzi (IT/NL)

Sound design: III MAURY III (FR)

Mix & mastering: JP Ruby (FR)

Interface: Bartholomew Joyce (UK/NL)

Technical support: Forough Fami (IR)

Outside eye: Richard Aslan (UK), Sergiu Matis (RO)


Photography credit: Michela Filzi