Phallus Germanus 2.0

Intimate Installation

by Kollektiv Mailand / Innenhof

As a following work of Phallus Germanus (2017) we are recently working again with the results of 2018 „Leipziger-Mitte-Studie“ (representative surveys on authoritarian and right-wing extremist attitudes in Germany) which is renamed to „Leipziger Autoritarismus-Studie“ since the current edition. We keep the aesthetic concept but instead of taking chimneys to present the study’s results we chose erected penises this time. One single information of the study for each penis. A certain percentage of it gets painted with pink color accordingly to the nationwide approval to the particular information. That way we make penises to column diagrams. With these diagrams having sex we produce 5 porn clips in different manners. The clips are produced in a nice and smooth aesthetic, following the slick beau ideal of mainstream pornography. The frame of our videos concentrates on the genitals to put a permanent focus on the diagram including an additional hand holding a card with the diagram’s original inscription. Our videos discuss results of the study’s categories xenophobia, anti-muslim bigotry, antiziganism, dimensions of authority and devaluation of asylum seekers.

Our concept is to bring science into pornography and pornography into science. So on one side the videos will be uploaded on porn websites and enter publicity in this way. The other side of the project is to set lectures that will be given in science institutions like universities or libraries. Therefore we collaborate with an artist that is also active as a scientist. He will discuss „alternative facts“ as a crisis of science mediation while presenting our column diagram porn as fitting visuals to the audience. The percentage line is moving, the penis gets smaller and bigger again and sometimes the statistic is completely blurred. It gives a working metaphor for the questioning of the requirement of factual truth especially in scientific contexts. The lecture will also be filmed and take place in the exhibition situation.

about the artists

Mailand / Innenhof is a collective of two people who came together to spread lots of fake shit in the streets of their hometown. It was just necessary. After this first success we started up working as Frida Innenhof and Günther Mailand in a permanent collaboration. We didn’t want less than to change the world. So we focused much more on a practical and political side of projects than on an arty side. Art simply gave us a way to do politics without using a starchily and outdated language.

A few actions later we got nationwide attention and beyond, even if not always likely. Most people including art schools kept trying to teach us that what we do can not be called art. So we begun to manifest a new thinking of art rather as an instrument to form reality, than to symbolize it. Again it was just necessary. Nevertheless we got told that we are not artists. So we decided that there’s nothing more to get for us at this place and we moved to the former DDR.

Meanwhile embedded in fantastic communities in the city of Leipzig we keep to enhance our perspective and stay open for progress. The work of Mailand / Innenhof could be mentioned as political action art. We create actions in public space that try to irritate people in their everyday life and achieve contemplation. We conceive art as a way to express discontent with the social conditions of our time. Things we do should not abolish mischiefs, they should push it until you can’t stand it anymore. We think that if an action pretties up reality it does nothing than bowdlerizes the unbearable point of it. We want our work to place discrepancies, to disturb a picture, to give pain.

The work of Mailand / Innenhof is always thought on a huge scale. Over the last 4 years we realized several multidisciplinary, artistic and political interventions that happened in public space to be seen by lots of eyes. We tend to create delicious contestations that makes mass media and online virality transport our critics and questions to as many places as possible. Therefore we activate our communities made up of specialists in different disciplines and out of various milieus.