Prima Materia

Installation, Performance

by Prima Materia

Chaos has an omnipresence that perpetually forces change. It begins in a state of disorder; facilitating the break- ing down of existing structures. During this transitional process, chaos itself is the alchemical element that reassembles all collapsed orders. It is the force which transforms a substance, tangible or intangible, from one form or state into another. A thin skin-like layer promptly peels off. A pure mass is born, falling apart and detaching itself from the body which contains it; sliding into a chaotic world in a perpetual state of becoming. Remaining in a constant state of permutation; it begets itself, conceives itself, and gives birth to itself.
The new born starts to experience its body as a hole, acknowledging the vast orifice as its very own land. It’s own entrance and his own exit. Breath upon breath it seeks for a different space for communication: no utopia, no dystopia but a place where moral is not divided into good and evil. It is in the search of a silent, veined landscape that bridges between natural and artificial; here and there longing for a sign of one possible watering-hole, an expanse
of air, an infinite darkness that may thrive it into an unpredictable future.

about the artists

Prima Materia is a collaboration among artists Cornelia Thonhauser, Daniela Huerta & Timur Novikov. They take elements of diverse disciplines such as biology, alchemy or scientific fields as departure points of research. Opening up a space to address current topics and to implement ideas that are born after experimentations.
Through performance, sculpture, moving image, sound and installations, they are continuously developing visual and conceptual compositions that refer to the human existence; engaging with the processes of relentless transforma- tions in relation with biological and dig- ital intelligence. The interwoven elements of Prima Materia become their own mythology : It begins and ends with the human body always fol- lowing the centrifugal force of nature and its evolving new forms of hybrid beings and language.

Cornelia Thonhauser
Art Direction

Daniela Huerta
Body & sound

Timur Mirshukurov
Light and Video Installation