by Xenorama

Radix is a wooden root sculpture augmented by projection and sound. The sculpture is brought to live as a fictive entity: part organism, part apparatus. In an ongoing play of light and sound the object undergoes a metamorphosis from its initial natural shape towards a technical formation while the two aspects strive for dominance. The visual and auditive perception of the wooden object and its properties and qualitites are scruntinized and augmented.



about Xenorama

Xenorama is an interdisciplinary art collective for audio-visual environments.
We are united by the fascination to create magical moments, unique atmospheres and immersive experiences employing light, sound and interaction. In our work we draw from our combined expertise in the fields of visual design, animation, programming, sound design and composition. Since our formation in 2014, our projects have won several national and international awards and have been exhibited worldwide. Our Studios are based in Potsdam and Bremen, Germany.