Audiovisual Installation

by Atelier Francesco & Mahir Duman

The installation approaches the enslavement of animals for human use, and the hypocrisy of our society turning the eyes away from the horror. It consist of an audiovideo installation, with projections mapped on a tridimensional sculpture. The work can be appreciated from two physical points of view: a lower one, nice and fake, where people can walk inside the sculpture, and a higher one from the second floor, painful and real. 

about the artists

Atelier Francesco (Artist, Composer, Sound Designer)
Atelier Francesco is an italian artist and music producer based in Berlin. Over the course of his career with both alias Martin Patino and Atelier Francesco, his sound started to be more and more symbolic, aiming to compositions that reflect real life, detached from a pure aesthetic approach. During the last year his focus included psychology, neurology and evolution, and lead to a more realistic vision of the human being, included but not above the natural environment. He is the organizer of the Eufonia- Festival, his art installations aim to redefine the position of the human being, at the light of recent scientific discoveries.
Mahir Duman / Visual Artist
 Video Mapping | Projections | 3d Mapping | Visuals | Installations | Video Art | Vjing
 Mahir Duman is a visual artist and Vj born in Ordu, Turkey. He studied in Istanbul and lives and works in Berlin since 2011.
Mahir is doing interactive live performances and installations for festivals, clubs, special events and art galleries.He produces video, short film, music clips and lots of different media sets, mixed and synchronized with sound and the rhythm of action. He describes his imagery as unrealistic and surreal, that question human perception and the interplay between subjects.