Participatory Performance

by George Angelovski, Amy Königbauer, Honi Ryan and Abi Tariq.

In a future utopian Earth, geographic mobility is not restricted. The nation state structure has been peacefully dismantled, and people are free to live, work, study and be wherever they choose. Travel is no longer simply for the physical plane; Emotional mobility is protected as a basic human right. We, as global citizens, are responsible to explore the landscapes of our inner terrain. We are discovering imprints of our experiences and how they shape us, personally and collectively.

As creatures of resonance (not force), we use curiosity to discuss how a series of questions can relate, connect, and neutralize. We are all Emotional Ambassadors to each other. We have substituted borders and law for a peer-to-peer commons system. 

Our collective evolution has replaced the divisive mechanism formerly known as ‘government’.

about the artists

Abi Tariq:
Abi Tariq is a Pakistani performance and sound artist based between Paris and Berlin. Through self-reflexive installations, experiential choreographies and conceptual transmissions, Tariq crafts and orchestrates participatory performances as investigations that question existing social codes and expose dominant power structures. 
Amy Königbauer:
Amy ​Königbauer​ is an artist and teacher, working near Montpelier, Vermont in the USA. Her artwork creates spaces for contemplation and provides various ways to facilitate exchange with the audience. Vulnerability in these spaces allows for deeper connections, as her work often comes to completion through a shared experience rather than what is tangible. Participants are offered ways to relate to each other, as well as themselves. Amy Königbauer’s work brings forth a sense of humanity and is intended to address the cultural wounds that run deep within us, allowing us to slow down and appreciate the delicate human experience.
George Angelovski:
Dedicated to creating and to making, George Angelovski works with photography, performance, drawing and spaces between. Using esoteric methods, the work tries to move through the shadows to create, to contemplate the ‘guts of the matter’.
George’s studio photography has serviced public and private clients, including international awards. He has acquired an mfa with concentration in photography from the Transart Institute For Creative Research (2018), and a Bachelor of design in graphic design from the Swinburne University (1999).
In a previous life he was a travel and leisure technician, working with conveyance, geography, emotional and physical challenges. It was working with the visual and the verbal that first got him interested in this fluctuating process as an artist. For now, George works and lives between Melbourne and Singapore.
Honi Ryan:
Honi Ryan is an interdisciplinary artist with a nomadic social practice. Rooted in the intersection of sociopolitically engaged art, progressive pedagogy and performative expressions of utopia, her work has intercultural concerns and deals with the present body in relationship to others and their environment. Working with long term social-performance projects at the core of her practice, Ryan builds relationships as works of art by creating heightened encounters in everyday life, activating deep presence in the mundane.